The game was made for the MiniJam 67. The theme was void and the limitation: no enemies.

The goal of the game is to reach the bottom of the pit in order for your soul to escape the Void(something like purgatory) 

The game is played using only the arrow buttons and the x button for jumping.

Have fun

Made withUnity


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Hi Sugghy! It's me again! Sad that I didn't saw you in minijam 68, I really love your games so far. I'm a bit embarased to ask this, but... here it goes!

I'm trying to understand how to make good platformers with cool character control like yours and I'm struggling a lot to get it to feel right how I want it. Is there any possibility to get the source code of this game in order for me to understand how you made some things? If it's too much to ask, don't worry, it's completely understandable! But if you can, it would mean a lot to me!

Thanks in advance!


Hy tonz! Sorry i was away for 2 weeks. I wanted to enter in the minijam68 but didnt had the time. I will be back home soon and i will offer you any resources you need. Sorry for the late respons


Nice game but the camera is weird, can't see if there's a saw or not, you have some pixel art problems, sometimes, the saws go behind the skull and the game gets harder way too fast, but still a nice game ^^


really nice but too hard towards the end with the saws circling the platforms , gave up there due to multiple deaths at that point - good work though